Energy Drinks & How They Can Damage Your Teen’s Dental Health

August 8, 2018 Image Credit:

Energy drinks are not great for overall health, especially in adolescents and teenagers. However, in addition to health problems, energy drinks also cause a variety of dental problems, especially the weakening of tooth enamel. Because energy drinks are so popular with young adults and teens, we advise parents to restrict consumption of these drinks, as well as other acidic drinks such as sodas and fruit juices. If your teens do consume energy drinks, make sure they either brush their teeth afterward or rinse with water in order to limit the contact the acids have with the tooth enamel.

Results of Weakened Enamel ESULTS OF WEAKENED ENAMEL

Below are a few of the problems that weakened tooth enamel can cause for your adolescents and teens:
  • Discoloration – When the white enamel wears away, the dentin underneath will begin to show through. This dentin is yellow in color, causing the teeth to appear dull, discolored, and yellowed.
  • Sensitivity – As the tooth enamel begins to wear away, the nerves underneath will become vulnerable to extreme temperatures or sugary foods.
  • Cracks or Chipping – If the enamel starts to erode, the edges of the teeth may become irregular and jagged and might be prone to cracks or chips. This is because the enamel is what keeps the teeth strong.
  • Pain – If the enamel is allowed to continue to wear away, the tooth sensitivity will become downright painful. Some people have even reported that it hurts their teeth to breathe!
Because enamel is the only protection for your child’s teeth, it’s important to keep it healthy and intact. Weakened enamel makes the teeth more vulnerable to dental cavities and tooth decay which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth infections or abscesses. For more tips on caring for your child’s teeth or to make an appointment for your child or teen to receive an orthodontic evaluation, please contact Kuhni Orthodontic Studio located here in Spanish Fork, Utah.