Your Snoring May be Caused by an Overbite

Your Snoring May be Caused by an Overbite

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Your Snoring May be Caused by an Overbite

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An overbite is when your upper jaw extends too far over your lower jaw. In fact, overbites are one of the main reasons people receive braces, especially our younger patients. Braces will bring the teeth back into the proper position, correcting your overbite.

How Does an Overbite Cause Snoring?

A severe enough overbite is when the upper teeth overlap the lower ones by around 2.5 millimeters. Once this happens, you become prone to snoring. In some of the more severe cases, you can even suffer from obstructive sleep apnea caused by your overbite, which can be life-threatening.

An overbite can cause snoring because the lower jaw becomes even further recessed backward during sleep. If you try pulling your lower jaw back, you’ll see that it can pinch your airway shut, causing an obstruction, which will lead to snoring or sleep apnea.

The best option to fix an overbite and eliminate snoring altogether is by receiving orthodontic braces. A custom night guard will help remedy the problem, but will not get rid of it altogether. If you suffer from snoring or sleep apnea and believe it may be caused by an overbite, please call Kuhni Orthodontic Studio here in Spanish Fork, Utah!

Posted on Jun 22, 2020



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