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TADs (or Temporary Anchorage Devices) allow non-surgical treatment for patients who would otherwise have to undergo surgery prior to orthodontic treatment. A TAD is a biocompatible device, which is attached to the jawbone in order to provide more anchorage for traditional braces.

Certain patients are in situations where there is no anchor with which to pull or push a tooth into place. Without TAD technology, these patients would have to undergo oral surgery. Once the teeth are in their correct position, the TAD will be removed.

Placement of TADs

Before your TAD is placed, we will make sure that your gum tissue is numb using a strong anesthetic gel. Some pressure may be felt as the TAD is put into place, but you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure. Within a few days, your mouth will acclimate to the TAD and it will no longer feel out-of-place. The TAD is removed using a similar procedure at the end of your orthodontic treatment.

Caring For Your TAD 

TADs will need to be cleaned and taken care of just like your braces. Each time you brush your teeth, make sure to brush gently on and around your TAD. Properly caring for the device will prevent the presence of plaque or infection around the area where the TAD has been placed. We also suggest using mouthwash in addition to brushing and flossing.

For additional questions or concerns about your TAD, please don’t hesitate to contact Khuni Orthodontic Studio. Our orthodontist specializes in braces, TADS, Invisalign®, and more.

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