DIY Banding with Rubber Bands on Braces

February 13, 2023 Image Credit:

Rubber bands are used in braces to hold the wires and brackets in place. Once the wire has been passed through the slots on the brackets, special tools are used to secure it using rubber bands. Rubber bands come in many different colors; patients can choose their color. They may even choose more than one color or choose a different color for each bracket. Sometimes, rubber bands may lose their elasticity and come off the bracket. While this is not very common, it can happen to anyone. The best way to avoid that is to be regular with your dental visits. Your dentist will typically change your rubber bands every two weeks.

Can You Replace the Rubber Band at Home?

Attempting to place the rubber band around your bracket at home is not advised. Brackets are sharp, and your soft tissues are sensitive. You may injure yourself by trying to place the rubber band around your bracket at home with your finger or by using another sharp instrument at home. This is severely discouraged. If the rubber band comes off, you do not have to worry; the other rubber bands will hold the wire until you see your orthodontist. It is not recommended to attempt to place the rubber band due to hygienic reasons, as well as a risk of injury. Instead, it is best to call your orthodontist. Kuhni Orthodontic Studio is a fantastic dental clinic with highly trained dentists to take care of all your orthodontic needs.