Never Do This While Wearing Braces

March 8, 2021 Image Credit:

Whether you’ve been wearing braces for months or have just gotten them recently, there are certain things that you absolutely can’t do during your orthodontic treatment. In fact, your orthodontist has probably given you a list of things that you need to avoid during your braces-wearing process. In order to prevent pain or mishaps, you must follow your dentists’ suggestions. Although you may end up making a few mistakes here and there, the following are a few things you absolutely should not do during your treatment.

  • Chew Ice: Ice is hard, cold, and isn’t good to chew on even without braces. But it can make things particularly worse for your braces. Biting down on a piece of ice is arguably the easiest way to break off a bracket or bend the wire. Both of these things are extremely painful and require an emergency trip to your orthodontist. Avoid this by not chewing on ice at all.
  • Forget to Take Off Your Bands Before Eating: Some treatments require rubber bands to be placed on your brackets to help move your jaw. Always remember to remove these before eating. Not only can they get extremely mucked and dirty as you eat, but they also become more vulnerable to snapping and breaking. This can be painful and can lead to you swallowing a piece of your rubber band. Although it won’t harm you, it isn’t good for you either.
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