Treatment Coordinator

What are your responsibilities to guests as they come in to the studio?

My role is to educate guests on the type of brackets we use and teach our guests about Dr. Kuhni's philosophy. And - like always - make sure they feel comfortable.

Why do you enjoy working in Orthodontics?

I find orthodontics interesting - I've had an interest after I graduated as a dental assistant because I did my intern hours at all kinds of specialties and General Dentistry but orthodontics was my favorite. I just love the environment and interaction with our guests.

What's your favorite thing about working at Kuhni Ortho?

I love the environment! I love how happy guests are coming in and going out - nobody is treated like just a number. I also love the smell of cookies in the morning ?.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing when you're not at work?

I enjoy playing outdoors with my son and my dog. I like to bake although I'm not the best at it - but I'm getting better!

Why should someone trust you to assist them with their orthodontic needs?

I will always be honest. If any questions are asked, I will educate myself if I don't know the answer so I'll be able to answer truthfully and honestly. I have had braces and know it can be a lot to take in so I can relate and help someone feel comfortable.

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