Damon Braces:

Unlock Your Perfect Smile with Less Worry and More Comfort

Damon Braces were designed with you in mind. They were made to bypass common problems with traditional braces: frequent office visits, breaks in appliances, plague and food buildup.

All of this is made possible by the new self-ligating system engineered for comfort and functionality.

The Damon brackets have built-in sliding doors that hold the wire in place rather than using additional ligatures or elastics. These sliding doors can apply consistent, subtle pressure to move your teeth into their optimal position with greater comfort and less metal.

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Damon Braces vs. Traditional Braces

  • More comfortable

    Damon Braces can reduce friction and any pain during your treatment.

    With self-ligating technology, they apply consistent, subtle pressure to freely move your teeth to their optimal position.

  • Fewer office visits

    Damon Braces can save time and hassle with half the office visits.

    Because they're self-ligating, you don't need them tightened every 4-6 weeks. Rather, a simple checkup every 8-12 weeks will get the job done.

  • Improved Oral Hygiene

    Damon Braces help you brush more effectively and worry less about your dental health.

    Because Damon Braces don't use elastics or ligatures, there's less space for plague and food to collect and lower chances of dental problems during treatment.

  • Better Aesthetics

    Damon Braces are smoother, smaller, and the wires are thinner and lightweight.

    This allows Damon Braces to feel and look less bulky and obtrusive.

Choose Damon Braces with Dr. Kuhni

Dr. Kuhni treats every guest at Kuhni Orthodontic Studio like family. That’s why he recommends Damon Braces, the latest innovation in orthodontic treatments.

They’re effective in repositioning teeth, and come with a host of added benefits you just don’t get with traditional braces.

So, how does it work?

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More Comfortable

Damon Braces are more comfortable because of the freedom they allow your teeth to move. What does this mean?

Traditional braces are limited in movement. Your teeth can only move as far as the wire will allow them. Once they’ve adjusted to the new position, they stop.

That’s why many people with braces experience tenderness right after getting braces tightened. A lot of movement happens in the beginning, and then it gradually dies down until you get them tightened again.

With Damon Braces, because they’re self-ligating, there’s no spike in movement and there’s no stop later on. It’s a consistent, subtle pressure that allows your teeth to reposition freely.

Fewer Office Visits

Damon Braces require half the amount of visits as traditional braces. Why is that the case?

Traditional braces need to be tightened every 4-6 weeks. The teeth move to where the wire guides them. Once they’re in the spot dictated by the wire, they stop moving. They can’t move past that.

Without the frequent visits traditional braces would take even longer to finish the job.

With Damon Braces, because they’re self-ligating, this isn’t an issue. The tightening happens all by itself. Check ups are still required every 8-12 weeks to ensure proper functionality, but that’s half the office visits with less hassle each time you go.

This saves you driving time, waiting time, and clinic time all while also saving you money on gas.

Improved Oral Hygiene

Damon Braces make it much easier to maintain excellent dental health.

Traditional braces use bulky brackets and elastics to hold the wire into place. It’s behind these brackets and elastics that plague and food buildup. Because they cover so much surface area of your tooth, you’re also at greater risk of cavities if you don’t brush effectively.

With Damon Braces, because of the built-in sliding doors, there’s no need for brackets and elastics. The absence of all that extra metal makes brushing  effectively much easier and prevents a lot of problem areas from plague and food buildup.

Better Aesthetics

Damon Braces look and feel better.

Traditional braces don’t take your aesthetics into account. They’re bulky and colorful. They can feel uncomfortable against your lips. There’s also a lot of people who don’t get braces because they’re worried about how it will make them look.

With Damon Braces, aesthetics aren’t impacted nearly as much. They’re smaller, smoother, and come in neutral colors so you can be proud of your smile even during treatment.

Get Your Damon Braces Today

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness, or time, clearly has never been introduced to Damon Braces.

Take advantage of the new technology available at your local orthodontist serving Spanish Fork and surrounding areas.

Kuhni Orthodontic Studio has been crafting confidence in smiles since June of 2018.

Let them help you with that today by coming in for a free consultation.


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