Damon Braces. Better than traditional braces.

In contrast to traditional braces, Damon brackets are self-ligating. This means that the brackets hold the wires in place themselves, without the use of the color elastic o-rings. Damon brackets allow the teeth to move into the correct position with less pressure and discomfort. Using memory wires that apply subtle and consistent pressure to the teeth move teeth into their optimal position.

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  • More comfortable

    Damon brackets are smoother, smaller, and more comfortable than traditional brackets. Additionally, the memory wires are thinner and more lightweight. This allows Damon braces to feel and look less bulky and obtrusive.

  • Fewer office visits

    While traditional braces will have you in the office every four to six weeks for adjustments, Damon braces can allow you to go much longer between visits. In fact, you’d only need to be seen every eight to twelve weeks instead!

  • Easier to care for

    Because Damon braces don’t require color elastics or ligatures, they make it much easier to take care of your oral health during your orthodontic treatment.