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Young girl with Damon Braces eating icecreamWith traditional braces, the wires are connected to the tooth brackets with elastic o-rings. These elastics press the wires firmly against the teeth, which can actually slow down the movement of the teeth into the correct position. This means that quite a bit of pressure (and some discomfort) is needed to move the teeth into proper alignment.

How Damon Braces are Different

In contrast to traditional braces, Damon braces are self-ligating. This means that the brackets hold the wires in place themselves, without the use of the elastic o-rings. This allows the wires to be slightly further away from the teeth instead of pressed against them. This will allow the teeth to move into the correct position with less pressure and discomfort. Damon braces use memory wires that apply subtle and consistent pressure to the teeth, moving them into their optimal position.

Advantages of Damon Braces 

Below are a few of the many advantages of Damon braces as opposed to traditional braces:

  • More comfortable – Damon brackets are smoother, smaller, and more comfortable than traditional brackets. Additionally, the memory wires are thinner and more lightweight. This allows Damon braces to feel and look less bulky and obtrusive.
  • Easier to care for – Because Damon braces don’t use elastics or ligatures, they make it much easier to care for you to care for your oral health during your orthodontic treatment.
  • Fewer office visits – While traditional braces will have you in our office every four to six weeks for adjustments, Damon braces can allow you to go much longer between visits. In fact, you’d only need to be seen every eight to twelve weeks instead! Additionally, the adjustments for Damon braces are quicker and more comfortable than with traditional braces.

For more information about Damon braces or to see if you’re a good candidate for them, please contact Kuhni Orthodontic Studio at our Spanish Fork, Utah office.

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