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Surgical Orthodontics

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Woman with bracesSurgical orthodontics is also known as orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery. There are a number of reasons why jaw surgery would be required before orthodontic treatment. There are several skeletal and dental abnormalities that can contribute to the misalignment of the jaws and teeth. During surgery, the jaws will be cut, properly aligned, and then fastened in place with plates and screws. You can receive jaw surgery on the upper jawbone, the lower jawbone, or both at once.

Types of Orthodontic Surgery

Below are two of the most common types of jaw surgeries used in orthodontics:

  • Mandibular Osteotomy – This type of surgery is done to correct the recession of the lower jaw. During a mandibular osteotomy, cuts will be made behind the molars and lengthwise, allowing the entire jawbone to move as one piece. Once in place, screws will be used to jawbone in place while it heals.
  • Maxillary Osteotomy – This type of jaw surgery is performed to correct a cross bite, an open bite, and the recession of the upper jaw. During a maxillary osteotomy, the upper jawbone will be cut and moved forward as one piece. Once in place, screws will be used to hold the upper jawbone in place while it heals.

Benefits of Orthodontic Surgery

Benefits of orthodontic surgery don’t just include the way your smile looks. Below are a few other benefits:

  • Helps with sleep apnea
  • Makes it easier to bite and chew food
  • Can make it easier to speak
  • Restores symmetry to the face
  • Reduces the risk of temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)

If you have concerns about your orthognathic surgery, please don’t hesitate to give our office a call. Here at Kuhni Orthodontic Studio, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

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