5 Top Tips to Battle Sensitive Teeth

September 14, 2021 Image Credit:

Not taking care of your oral health on a regular basis can lead to many dental problems in the future. Our teeth are highly susceptible, which is why we must maintain and take care of them not to fall victim to any oral diseases. Here are a few tips to battle sensitive teeth.

1.    Use a Soft Toothbrush

Toothbrushes with stiff bristles are mostly used for those teeth that are hard to clean or if particles need to be removed from between the teeth. However, if you have sensitive teeth, it's highly recommended to use a soft toothbrush that won't harm your gums and allows you to clean your teeth with a gentle touch.

2.    Use a Medicated Toothpaste

If your teeth are prone to bacteria and dirt easily, it's best to use a medicated toothpaste or one that aids in reducing sensitivity. You wouldn't want to use highly flavored toothpaste that can potentially harm your teeth even further.

3.    Use a Mouthguard

An individual might have sensitive teeth if they subconsciously grind their teeth. This can also happen when they're asleep at night. In this case, using a mouthguard at night is your best bet, as it will prevent you from damaging your teeth any further when grinding.

4.    Use a Saltwater Mouthwash

Saltwater is known to have properties that get rid of bacteria present inside the teeth. Therefore, purchasing a mouthwash made of saltwater or, better yet, making one at home and using it will help you efficiently battle your teeth' sensitivity.

5.    Regular Dentist Visits

If your teeth are already pretty sensitive, it's best if you keep in touch with your dentist. Pay frequent visits to your dentist, and have your teeth and gums checked for any problems. Doing so can prevent many periodontic issues, such as gingivitis, from arising.   Please visit Kuhni Orthodontic Studio and consult Dr. Kam Kuhni for many such problems if you wish to know more.