Braces vs. Invisalign – Which One is Better?

January 11, 2021 Image Credit:

Many questions may be fostering in your mind if you want to straighten your teeth or your kid’s teeth. However, the most important of these questions must be whether you should get braces or Invisalign. Which one is more effective? Which one is more cost-economical? You want to ensure that you are getting the best treatment, but making the call can be difficult at times.


The basic purpose of both is to straighten the teeth while improving your oral health and smile. Although braces have a long history, the use of Invisalign did not begin until the 2000s. Braces: The treatment requires metal brackets to be glued to your teeth. These brackets are then wired together through wires and tiny rubber bands. These wires are then tightened every few weeks to get the teeth into the desired shape. Generally speaking, braces are more effective in treating more complex issues. Invisalign: Since they are designed to be invisible, Invisalign is a lot subtler than braces. Clear aligner trays are worn over the teeth to move them gently. These trays are made of smooth, comfortable, and BPA-free plastic. If you opt for this treatment, your aligner tray will be designed specifically for you by taking your X-rays, pictures, and impression into account. However, this may not be effective for more complex issues. Additionally, it tends to be significantly more expensive than braces. Ultimately, the treatment you choose to go for should be the one you find more suitable. A better idea is to consult an orthodontist and discuss your issues. They’ll be able to analyze your issue better and guide you accordingly. If you live in Mapleton, Palmyra, Lake Shore, Benjamin, Springville, or Salem, consider visiting Kuhni Orthodontic Studio. Our talented orthodontist Dr. Kam Kuhni will assist you with any concerns you may have.