The Different Kinds of Orthodontic Treatments

September 17, 2018 Image Credit:

At Kuhni Orthodontics, we put a strong emphasis on patient education as well as the correction of the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Because of this, it’s important to us that our patients know about the types of orthodontic treatment available to them and how each one aids in the realignment of the teeth.


An orthodontic appliance is any device we use to move the teeth, change the position of the jaws, or keep the teeth in place once treatment has been completed. Some of these orthodontic appliances are removable while others are fixed in place. Below are a few common types of orthodontic treatments offered in our office:
  • Braces – Traditional metal braces are used to straighten and properly align the teeth. These braces consist of metal brackets that are fixed to the teeth as well as wires and bands. These bands and wires are used to subtly shift the teeth into the correct position.
  • Retainers – Once your braces have done their job and been removed, dental retainers will be used to hold your teeth in their proper positions. Retainers consist of acrylic plates that rest against the roof of the mouth. A wire is attached to the acrylic base and this wire goes across the front of the teeth. Retainers are typically worn at night to prevent the teeth from shifting back into their improper positions.
  • Spacers – Orthodontic spacers are used before traditional braces are placed. These spacers are small plastic rings, which are placed between the teeth (usually the back molars) to create space needed for orthodontic treatment.
  • Palatal Expanders – A palatal expander is a device attached to the roof of the mouth and is used to widen the upper jaw by separating the bones of the palate. Palatal expanders will allow the top and bottom jaws to fit together better and will help to provide more space for crowded teeth.
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