Why Night Guards Are Important

April 25, 2022 Image Credit:

Several people ask if having a night guard can actually help you or not. The simple answer is—yes. Night guards can really help you have a healthier sleep pattern and solve a whole lot of other issues. In this article, we talk about why night guards are important.

Prevents Tooth Damage

A key importance of a night guard is to prevent your top teeth and bottom teeth from coming in contact with each other while you sleep. Teeth grinding is a surprisingly common issue that can cause a lot of tooth damage. Most people do it unconsciously while sleeping; hence they can’t actively stop themselves. Excessive grinding causes your teeth to wear down. When this happens, you might need to build them back up using a dental crown, which is an expensive procedure.

Prevents Snoring

Another importance of a night guard is that it prevents snoring. Snoring is a big issue for those sleeping next to you and can affect your relationship. The main reason behind snoring is that grinding and clenching your teeth while sleeping blocks the air passage. Having a night guard solves this issue, preventing your teeth from grinding by adding some space between them. This space allows you to breathe easily without any issues.

Improves Your Sleep

People may not know this, but wearing a night guard results in a night of better and more refreshing sleep. In addition, they prevent your teeth from grinding against one another, thereby relaxing your jaw muscles while you sleep. This leads to a decrease in headaches caused by your jaws clenching and muscles tightening. The relief you get in your jaws affects you throughout your day. Constant stress on the jaw adversely affects you while you laugh, talk or even eat. Hence, night guards improve your overall sleep conditions, and you wake up feeling light and refreshed without any headaches or muscle stress.


While wearing a night guard isn’t essential, it does help you on several fronts. A night guard can prevent so many of your sleeping problems and not only lead to a healthier lifestyle but prevent any unnecessary spending. To get your custom night guard, visit our website for more information.