Common Misconceptions About Dental Cavities

Common Misconceptions About Dental Cavities

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Common Misconceptions About Dental Cavities

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Very few people can boast about having never suffered from a dental cavity. Over 90% of the entire human population has had a dental cavity at least once. Even if you’ve had a few dental cavities treated before, you may still not be clear about how cavities develop, how they’re treated, and how to avoid them.

Common Myths About Dental Cavities

Below are some of the myths we hear about dental cavities and the truth behind them:

  • Myth – Kids get more dental cavities than adults – Because of fluoridated water and pediatric dental treatment, there has been a decrease in the number of childhood cavities we’ve seen. Additionally, many adults develop dental cavities because of poor dental hygiene or medications that may cause dry mouth. 
  • Myth – You’ll detect a dental cavity early on – In reality, the early stages of tooth decay may have no symptoms whatsoever. You probably won’t notice anything is wrong until the decay has caused a dental cavity reaching the nerve of your child’s tooth. 
  • Myth – Tooth sensitivity means you have a dental cavity – There are many reasons for tooth sensitivity. These can include overzealous brushing habits, gum recession, or the use of tooth whitening products. Dental cavities can cause sensitivity, but visiting our office is the only real way to know what’s causing your child’s sensitive teeth. 
  • Myth – Bruxism causes dental cavities – Bruxism, also known as the clenching and grinding of the teeth, has been blamed for many dental cavities. In some cases, bruxism can create cracks in the teeth or damage the tooth enamel making the tooth more vulnerable to cavities, but as long as you’re wearing a mouth guard or a nightguard, the damage shouldn’t be severe. 
  • Myth 5 – Root canals are always performed because of cavities – Root canal treatment is needed when damage occurs to the tooth root. The damage could be due to trauma or even nighttime tooth-grinding habits. Extraction may be a more affordable dentistry option, but it’s always best to save the affected tooth.
  • Myth – Dental cavities in baby teeth do not need treatments – Even though the tooth will eventually fall out, a baby tooth with a dental cavity should still be treated. This is not only to protect the structure of your child’s mouth but to prevent him or her from feeling the pain that dental cavities can cause. 

A part of keeping your teeth healthy during your orthodontic treatment is to be aware of dental disease and how to avoid them! To learn more about maintaining your dental health during your orthodontic treatment in Spanish Fork, Utah, please contact Kuhni Orthodontic Studio.

Posted on Oct 12, 2020
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