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You’re not alone in your journey to starting orthodontic treatment.

Many people, just like you, confided in us with their oral needs and are now well on their way to correcting everything. Join them and start reaping the rewards of an expert orthodontist:

    1. Gain confidence in your smile

    2. Prevent future problems and avoid oral surgeries

    3. Align your bite, straighten your teeth, and resolve problems


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What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the field of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating the space and position of teeth and jaws. This includes commonly seen oral problems like:

    1. Improper bite patterns
    2. Crooked teeth
    3. Spacing problems

Most of our guests see us to fix these issues for the aesthetic appeal. They want orthodontic treatment to craft a naturally beautiful smile.

It’s not until after the free consultation with Dr. Kuhni that the realization of all the health benefits comes to light.

Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Correcting crooked teeth can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and
tooth decay.

Fixing spacing problems can assist with speech and improve chewing
and digestion.

Aligning improper bite patterns can reduce migraines and help
prevent TMJ.

All of the above gives a huge mental health boost by raising self-esteem and confidence levels.

What Is Orthodontics, Really?

Orthodontics, then, is a lot more than crafting beautiful smiles. While that’s certainly a big benefit, there’s more to it.

Orthodontics is a boost in mental and physical health.


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Benefits of Orthodontics for Adults

Adults get the diagnose and treat side of orthodontics a lot more than prevention.

Because everything is set in its place, there’s not much that can be prevented, but there’s a lot that can be diagnosed and treated. This leads to a variety of different reasons for adults to start braces and undergo any kind of orthodontic treatment.

Beautiful Smiles

Many adults have lived there lives self-conscious of their smile. Whether it’s too gummy, overcrowded, crooked, etc., they refuse to show their smile in public because they’re embarrassed.

We can fix that.

At Kuhni Orthodontic Studio, we consistently craft the most beautiful smiles in Utah County. Regardless of age, we can help you smile with confidence.

Additional Health Benefits of Braces

Everybody knows braces can help straighten teeth and that’s a big reason why many adults come to Kuhni Orthodontic Studio. However, there’s a lot of benefits with braces that aren’t commonly known:

  1. Stop jaw pain
  2. Reduce migraines
  3. Overcome sleep apnea
  4. Fix overbite / underbite / crossbite

Many of these problems are more common in adults because they’ve had longer time to develop.

Now that the benefits of braces are starting to be discovered, more and more adults are wanting to start orthodontic treatment.

Adults with Braces: a Growing Norm

There used to be a narrative that only kids had braces and all they did was straighten crooked teeth. In todays day and age, with all the access to information everyone has, that myth has been squashed.

Braces are beneficial for adults too, and more and more people are taking the leap to start and finally overcome nagging health problems.

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Additional Health Benefits Explained

  • Stop Jaw Pain

    The most common causes behind jaw pain include grinding teeth, gum disease, and toothaches. The improved oral hygiene that comes with straight teeth can help prevent all of those irritants.

  • Reduce Migraines

    When your jaw isn't matched up and can't function properly, it puts a lot of strain on your neck and head area. This extra strain has been known to cause migraines. With orthodontic treatment, your jaw can be repositioned and that extra strain stopped.

  • Overcome Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is often caused by your tongue obstructing airways while you sleep. Braces can broaden your smile and give your tongue somewhere to rest preventing that obstruction.

  • Fix Overbite / Underbite / Crossbite

    It can be difficult to chew, bite, speak, etc. with one of these bites. Orthodontic treatments can slowly move the jaw to match so what was so difficult to do before now is easy, as it should be.

Benefits of Orthodontics for Teenagers

The teenage years are often when orthodontic treatment is started. This is because most adult teeth will have moved in, and the positioning and jaw alignment will still be developing.

It’s the perfect window to make necessary adjustments.

Serious future problems and oral surgeries can be prevented while self-esteem can be boosted with a beautiful, natural smile.

Overcrowding and Crooked Teeth

Many of the teenage guests we see come in because of overcrowding and crooked teeth. Their new adult teeth often don’t come in straight and can cause problems for other areas of the mouth.

It has significant impacts on oral hygiene and dental health.

When teeth are crowded and positioned irregularly, it becomes challenging to effectively brush and floss. This can lead to complications such as:

  1. Food and plaque buildup
  2. Cavities
  3. Gum disease
  4. Bad breath
  5. Tooth decay

Aside from difficulty brushing and flossing, there are also complications that come from the misaligned teeth themselves.

  1. Uneven wear
  2. Jaw pain
  3. Facial discomfort


Prevent Future Problems and Create a Beautiful Smile Today

All these health issues can be prevented and a beautiful smile created with proper orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Kuhni is an artist at heart and cares about your wellbeing. Rest assured, he has the skillset to fix these problems and will spend time with you to make sure it’s done right.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong preventing future problems by creating a better smile.


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Overcrowded and Crooked Teeth Explained

  • Tight Spaces

    The tight spaces between misaligned teeth create hidden crevices where food particles and plaque can easily accumulate, promoting bacterial growth and increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease.

  • Limited Accessibility

    Overcrowded teeth can lead to difficulty in accessing certain areas during brushing, allowing bacteria to thrive and contributing to bad breath and tooth decay.

  • Misaligned Teeth

    Misaligned teeth can cause uneven wear patterns, leading to potential issues with the jaw joint and even facial discomfort.

Benefits of Orthodontics for Kids

Most kids are still developing in their mouth and have a lot of baby teeth. So, why bring them to an orthodontist?

Because orthodontists, such as Dr. Kuhni, are specially trained to help guide the growth and development of kids.

Dr. Kuhni and his staff of highly trained assistants have the training and skill necessary to foresee issues and prevent them. If something isn’t coming in right, it can be fixed before it’s fully developed.

The benefit for kids and their parents has everything to do with avoiding oral surgeries later in life.

Interceptive Orthodontics / Early Growth Monitoring

Interceptive orthodontics and early growth monitoring is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Their science says that every child should see an orthodontist by age 7. Below are a few reasons why:

  1. Early detection and intervention
  2. Interceptive orthodontics allows dental professionals to identify dental and skeletal issues at an early age. By monitoring a child’s growth and development, potential problems can be spotted and addressed before they become more severe, leading to simpler and less invasive treatments.


  1. Guiding jaw and facial growth
  2. Growth monitoring helps orthodontists assess the development of a child’s jaw and facial bones. By recognizing growth patterns early on, appropriate interventions can be applied to guide the growth in a more favorable direction, optimizing facial aesthetics and functional harmony.


  1. Reducing the need for complex treatment
  2. Addressing dental and skeletal issues early through interceptive orthodontics can prevent the need for more extensive and invasive treatments in the future. This can lead to shorter treatment times and potentially lower costs.


  1. Correcting harmful habits
  2. Interceptive orthodontics can help identify and correct harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking or tongue thrusting, which, if left unaddressed, could lead to dental misalignments and other issues.

It’s time we break the myth that kids don’t need to see an orthodontist. The benefits far outweigh any cost.

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